Thursday, November 14, 2019

Optimus Prime Version Anime

The original transformers masterpiece series is the mp 01. Convoy or optimus prime as many know him is fully transformable and comes with his trailer which also transforms.

Animewild Sfx Revoltech Series No030 Optimus Prime New Package

Transformers 5 Knights Return Q Version Optimus Prime Bumblebee

Pre Order Transform Element Te 01 Te01 Transformers Masterpiece

This version of the figure came with a small fold out leaflet glued to the top.

Optimus prime version anime.

Tfsource offers a huge selection and great prices on takara masterpiece figures.
Optimus prime limited edition promotional variant 1985.
En route vector prime explained to optimus that the black hole threatened not only cybertron but would go on to swallow all of creation if not dealt with.

Takara tomy has completely redesigned the newest masterpiece convoy for this figure release and what an amazing job they did.
You will buy what we tell you to buy or at least consider buying it.
Optimus prime known in japan as convoy konboi is a robot superhero character from the transformers robot superhero franchise.

The masterpiece transformers line is a highly detailed series of japanese import collectibles created by takara tomy of japan.
Cars and other objectshe is frequently featured in popular culture.
Tfsource offers a large selection of popular masterpiece transformers.

You will not buy that of which we say this sucketh.
Our worlds are in dangerto save them and the galaxy we must find the four cyber planet keys before the decepticons can use them for evil.
Prime is a fictional rank in the transformers toy and entertainment franchise created by hasbro and takara tomythe title is usually given to the leader of the autobots and bearer of the matrix of leadership though there are a few exceptions the most notable of these was in transformers animated.

Each figure is created in a modern day version in g1 likeness and is highly sought after for its attention to detail and large fan following.
This is a list of primes and matrix holders in the transformers robot superhero franchise.
A true master piece from the manufacturer.

It is our mission.
He is the leader of the autobots a group of sentient self configuring modular extraterrestrial robotic lifeforms eg.
Laser blaster 2 fists left right trailercombat deck roller dark blue 4 rockets hose nozzle fuel pump a limited edition of the optimus prime toy sold as a mail away exclusive by pepsico was made available in north america in 1985.

Vector prime joined with optimus primes autobots in relocating to earth.
This is official licensed mp 04 optimus prime trailer.

Transformers 5 Knights Return Q Version Optimus Prime Bumblebee

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Optimus Prime

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