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Steven Universe Anime Pink Diamond

After white pulls out stevens gemstone it morphs into pink diamonds form then rose quartzs and finally a pink version of steven. White pearl was assigned to bring pink diamonds son steven to white diamond.

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Steven universe had been fused with his mother pink diamond rose quartz for fourteen years you think he would have realized it a long time ago.

Steven universe anime pink diamond.

Pink diamond was a homeworld gem and a member of the great diamond authority that continues to rule over the gem race in her absenceshe was first mentioned in earthlings and pictured in back to the moon.
She is a former member of the great diamond authority who decided to turn earth into a colony for homeworld.
However it is later revealed that after coming to admire earths life and people she decided to turn.

Jasperpink diamond steven universe 22 rubysapphire 16 exclude.
It is then revealed in change your mind that white pearl was in fact mind controlled by white diamond.
Steven universe.

Her debut appearance was in the episode jungle moon.
She also frowns when seeing him fuse with connie.
When questioned on pink diamonds whereabouts an enraged pink steven tells white that shes gone.

When steven reveals he has pink diamonds gem and returns to homeworld to reason with white diamond the diamonds expect him to adopt pinks abandoned duties and fulfill her role while pearl is once more relegated to being stevens object rather than his parental figure.
Part 1 of educating the universe.
Yellow diamond steven universe.

Pink diamond is a major posthumous antagonist and character in steven universe.
Pink diamondsteven universe as for this latest little game of yours thank the stars its over.
He originally thought pink diamond was shattered by his mother rose quartz not knowing the two were the same person.

Spoilers to change your mind disclaimer authors note.
Steven is the son of pink diamond and greg universe.
I know pink diamond is gone for good i just wanted to explore an old theory i personally didnt believe but thought was interesting before a.

As a diamond pink diamond was one of the most powerful gems in existence.
After she is freed from white diamonds control and becomes.
Steven universe pink diamond steven universe pink diamonds pearl steven universe nephrite.

Did you have fun.
Steven was shown to be emotionally distraught over the thought that his mother would shatter someone and initially denied it.
In pink diamonds room pearl tells steven that pink diamond used to throw parties for all the diamonds and their courts to attend including white.

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