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Dragon Ball Super Anime Ahead Of Manga

Both are adaptations of a plot that toriyama has provided. In french by glenat since april 5 2017.

Jump Festa Teases The Return Of Dragon Ball Super Anime In 2019

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Looking Ahead To Dragon Ball Super Does Goku Need To Go Goku Time To

In german by carlsen manga since may 2.

Dragon ball super anime ahead of manga.

Nothing in the entire franchise is canon.
The manga serves as promotional material for the anime which is the main product.
At this point dragon ball supers anime adaptation is ahead of the manga which is partly the reason why many fans are upset about how manga isnt consistently following the anime.

In italian by star comics since april 26 2017.
The manga began publication in june 2015 serialized in the monthly magazine v jump.
Dragon ball super is the manga adaptation of the anime original tv series of the same title.

The same goes for the original manga dragon ball z and gt animes.
Since dragon ball super is not based on the manga catching up wont affect anything.
Earlier this year prior to his work on the dragon ball super manga adaptation toyotaro provided v jump with an introductory three chapter manga adaptation of the freeza movie.

2016 04 also the manga series is credited to toyotaro both story and art see for example here with akira toriyama credited variously with original conceptstory or as original creator.
Dragon ball super gokus adventure from the best selling manga dragon ball continues.
Neither the dragon ball super manga nor the dragon ball super anime are canon because it does not exist officaly.

The way super is made is that akira toriyama first comes up with a basic plot outline for each story arc and draws most of the designs for the major characters and then toei animation and toyotaro both take these outlines and then independently extrapolate a tv anime and manga series out of them respectively.
Dragon ball super getting companion manga 2015 05 19 db super getting ahead of manga.
Dragon ball super doragon boru supa is a japanese manga and sequel to the dragon ball manga written by toyotaro and overseen by akira toriyama.

Dragon ball super chapter 39 was released recently where the entire idea about goku achieving ultra instinct was reworked which raised a few eyebrows.
Hate surrounding dragon ball super manga.
The reason why the dragon ball super tv series is ahead of the manga is because unlike most shonen action franchises the anime is not an adaptation of the manga.

The series has been published in english by viz media under the shonen jump imprint since may 2 2017.
Movies ovas specials cards and video games.
At worst the manga falls behind or jumps ahead like it did with chapter 5.

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